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However, words are not the right medium for all forms of expression—there are thoughts we have that are too painful, complex, or overwhelming for words to hold.

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Pottery provides a new, rich language to give voice to your inner self through sculptural form, allowing you to experiment with physical media to discover new avenues of communication with both others and yourself. The tactile experience of pottery can be meditative in nature and invite a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

Your heart rate and blood pressure lower, your breathing regulates, and your stress level naturally sinks as your mind and body become enveloped in the world of creativity.

The repetitive motions of molding, spinning, and shaping can soothe the psyche, allowing you to leave your everyday thoughts and worries behind and immerse yourself in the artistic process. You truly forget about everything except the clay. By allowing you to step outside of yourself and devote your energies to the production of something new, pottery can provide a much-needed emotional reprieve and new perspectives.

Pottery can allow you to discover previously unrealized strengths as you gain mastery over the creative process, developing both technical skill and expressive abilities.

The sense of mastery you gain as you develop your personal artistic style can be a source of invigoration, enhancing your confidence and sense of purpose at an emotionally vulnerable time in your life. Each person brings their individual perspective to the creative process and hones their unique talents in the sculpting of a piece.

What is Art Therapy?

In pottery, there is no competition, no right way or wrong way, but infinite possibilities for creating pieces that speak to you. At Bridges to Recovery, we offer a dedicated pottery class to allow our clients to experience the extraordinary healing power of clay work. Within a supportive space and guided by experienced facilitators, you are introduced to this remarkable creative process and given the opportunity safely investigate and give expression to your inner self through artistic production. Here, you have the opportunity to talk, laugh, share, and explore in a non-threatening and non-judgmental environment as you move toward greater psychological tranquility and emotional wellness.

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When used within the context of a thoughtfully designed, comprehensive mental health treatment program , pottery can be an invaluable part of healing and expand the potential for extraordinary personal growth. Bridges to Recovery offers innovative, effective mental health treatment for people suffering from a range of mental health disorders and co-occurring substance abuse. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you or your loved one on the path to healing. Dr Sherwood has reputation for successfully working with many resistant and acute mental health issues in adults, children and adolescents.

She is available on line or face to face and offers intensives to conquer difficult issues more rapidly.

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Diploma of Holistic Counselling. Certificate of Artistic Therapies. Patients were exposed to a sequence of clay art techniques ranging from kneading, building pinch pots, glazing, firing, and creating figurative ceramic sculptures, led by a professional art therapist. And yet, this very quality makes this publication part of an important movement towards enriching conventional strategies in mental health care.

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In turning to the arts, and to the haptic modality of clay, CAT imagines an alternative to the dominance of pharmacological mental health interventions along with the burden of their costs and side effects. It re-casts the patient as more than a passive recipient of aid, but as a creative agent of their healing, a producer of enduring, physical objects that last beyond the therapeutic process.

Art Therapy Activity for Anger

It is this belief in the potential of art to nurture the healing process of individuals facing issues with mental health that motivates the work of Center Pottery.