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The Quick and the Dead may refer to: Contents. 1 Biblical idiom; 2 Art, entertainment, and media. Films; Games; Literature. Biblical idiom[edit ].
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Leonardo DiCaprio, still just a kid at this point of his career, plays the role of "The Kid," who believes that he's the son of the evil-minded John Herod.

The Quick and the Dead

Herod is the town's vicious mayor. His mean spirit means that he uses the threat of violence to control the townspeople. This was no cheap, throwaway Western. We'll get 'em next time. The movie tanked at the box office, earning back only about half of its budget.

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Cort is being hanged by Herod and his men. She uses her pistol to shoot the rope, dropping Cort safely to the ground. As it turns out, John Herod killed her father. The Lady has no intention of letting this unjust action stand. Simon Moore was the film's writer, and he knew from the outset that he wanted the lead character to be a female.

Moore is a British screenplay writer and producer who also worked on "Traffic.

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Stone also had a minor role as producer, a fact that gave her more than a little leverage in terms of casting. Herod decides that it would be a swell time to have a quick-draw gunslinging contest in Redemption. If you're too slow -- you're either wounded or you die.

The Quick and the Dead

For months before shooting started, the cast learned to handle guns like real gunslingers. A highly-paid shooter named Thell Reed helped each cast member hone their technique. Sony Pictures fired Moore, hoping that his replacement would cobble together a more standard Western. Then they fired him, too… and rehired Moore to finish the job.

Compared with real life, the movie is practically a war zone. There are 11 total gunfights, and some of them are long, drawn-out affairs. Stone had a ton of influence in the making of this film. She wanted Raimi to direct, in large part because she liked his work with "Army of Darkness. Cort is the local preacher. He's decided to live a better life after being a lackey for John Herod.

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But Stone insisted and said she'd simply pay his salary herself. The town is holding its annual gunslinging contest a strict local custom in which pistol-packers young and old, local and not, shoot to the death - it's very much a knock-out tournament.

Ellen enters, keeps her motivation quiet, and works her way to the contest's nub. Redemption's despotic self-styled big cheese - he's the one with the only nice house on the street - Herod Hackman, loving every minute of it , becomes fascinated with Ellen, and as the bullet-a-thon unfolds, gets sucked into conflict with both her and his own cocky young son a sparky, unrealistic Leonardo DiCaprio. Meanwhile, preacherman Cort the astonishingly handsome Crowe is forced to conquer his own self-righteous pacifism.

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