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Latin Grammar You Really Need to Know: Teach Yourself . If you require an absolute Beginner course, you can try our Get Started in . give practical and cultural insights into German lifeAlso available: Activity Book (ISBN.
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This ebook examines baby moment language acquisition in the ideas and Parameters idea of common Grammar UG. The booklet presents proof from the longitudinal speech info of 4 baby moment language L2 newbies in an effort to attempt the predictions of a contemporary idea of null-subjects, particularly, the Morphological Uniformity precept MUP. Perform makes excellent - and is helping deepen your realizing of English grammarEstablishing solid grammar conduct will set you up for fulfillment. Notice the genitive ending -us with a long u which is characteristic of this declension.

Singular nom. Do you want to have conversations face to face in your target language? Or perhaps, you want to discuss common issues while learning a foreign language? Here are meetings usually annual around the world that you could attend:. The meetings are set in bars around the world, where you have an informal enviroment to talk regularly. Polyglot Conference One of the most important multilingual events in the world, hosted by Richard Simcott, with the presence of several famous polyglots such as Alexander Arguelles, Luca Lampariello, Tim Doner.

In this section you'll find some of the best talks that have taken place at the annual Polyglot Conference, focused on common issues that every language learner has to face. Some of the titles have been changed, to give a better insight into the Conference's content. If you're new to language learning, the flashcards are near-essential tools to your language learning.

Flashcard programs and Spaced Repetition Software SRS work by introducing you to words and then their translations one at a time and then repeatedly quizzing you in order to engage the recall area of your brain. SRS is currently the best way of memorising vocabulary. Anki is the most popular program featuring SRS. While being the most powerful, it is also somewhat complicated to learn. The fact of its power makes it generally worth learning to use, particularly if you are tech-savvy. The easiest way to use Anki is to download one of the vast array of decks available for download.

The disadvantage is these may not be particularly relevant for you or may not be arranged in the manner you prefer. The best decks for you to download are likely to be any of the most popular ones that are ordered by word frequency. The advantage of Anki is that you get lots of functionality.

25 Ways to Improve Your Writing Vocabulary - Word Counter Blog

You can remove cards you know, adjust how many new cards it shows you, how often it shows you old cards, and much more. It is quite important for the user to read the manual and learn to use the program properly. Here and here are some nice clear video demonstrations of how it works.

If you use Anki to make your own flashcards, you will need to learn how to use that program even more in depth. Anki allows you to modify how the cards appear, what kind of information you show, whether to show you both sides or just one, and much more. Generally this is done by making a new deck, going into it, pressing "add", and learning about deck types and how to use the "fields" and "cards" buttons.

This person demonstrates their process with Japanese. If you're making your own deck, you can use the following plugins to add audio to your cards:. It's best not to think of this as a binary choice of one or the other. Both do different things, and different people respond differently to different techniques. Figure out what works for you. Regardless, using both seems to be ideal, so do that if you can. Both ways are beneficial, but they do different things. Prompting yourself with the foreign word encourages you to engage with the word receptively as when listening or reading , and prompting with English encourages you to engage with the word productively as when speaking and writing.

What works for you may depend on your study technique. If you do a lot of translation, you might get more from receptive retrieval since you do that less. If you do lots of reading and little speaking, it may be better for you to arrange your flashcards so you are forced to retrieve productively. The choice is yours. It is worth noting that this is not a binary choice. You can use all your flashcards both ways, and halving the time with each flashcard between each technique seems to help engage with the word in a way that complements each other, making it more efficient than simply using them one way or the other.

Luckily, Anki's functionality allows you to do both. These offer SRS functions as above, but include a function to import texts and get instant translations, saving words you don't know and remembering them. A compilation of language learning resources , put together by crh with lots of additional contributions in the comments. Some courses are language specific.

If you haven't already done so, be sure to check out your language's related subreddit and all their recommended courses. BBC Languages , beginners' courses for a variety of languages. LiveMocha , has 38 languages and Rosetta Stone style exercises. I kinda like languages mini-courses in many languages, some longer courses. Duolingo , completely free courses in several languages. Development is largely done on a volunteer basis, as such, the languages available vary quite often.

Very useful for gaining a basic feel for a language, but the "tree" will likely be complete by A1 level and it isn't terribly useful after that. DL has also developed somewhat of a cult following. Lingopolo , entirely free language lessons based on oral understanding and quizzes. Growing site that intends to become a great any-to-any language learning platform and is open to improvements from users and volunteers. Language Transfer - A wide variety of audio courses. Podpedia List of Language Learning Podcasts. A Virtual Private Network VPN gives you the freedom to browse the web without censorship and to instantly play media files without waiting for them to download.

Free services like Hola are convenient, but they sell your information for advertising purposes and they're aren't very secure. Deutsche Welle news and radio in many languages. Project Gutenberg , free ebooks in many languages. Wikibooks , free books, including a children's section.

Feedbooks , free or paid books in English, Spanish, French, German, or Italian language menu is at the bottom of the page. Librivox , volunteer-read audiobooks in different languages quality varies. Radiotime , radio stations by region. Viki , TV series, movies, etc. SBS Radio - Radio and news broadcast in a multitude of languages including popular and not so popular languages. List of Legal Online Streaming - A nicely compiled list of legal online streams in at least nine different languages.

Foreign Language News and Newspapers - Foreign language news organized by language, and then by country. Some are general news sites, some are focused on interests like sports, business, or motorcycles. Tunein Radio - Free streaming radio from around the world. The site puts a focus on music, but news, talk and sports radio can also be found in many different languages. Lyrics Training - Watch music videos and take a quiz to test whether you understand the words correctly.

PodcastAddict - An Android app that allows you to filter search results by multiple languages at once including Catalan, Korean, Russian, etc. Lexo - A huge, free collection of audio recordings with transcripts for intermediate language learners. WordReference , bilingual dictionaries for various languages. Linguee , bilingual online dictionary for many languages, includes examples from more than a billion professionally translated webpages. WikDict , online dictionary for many languages, based on data from Wiktionary.

Commonly explained as "like Skype, but better", Discord is a lightweight webapp with both text and voice channels for the language you are trying to learn hosted on different servers dedicated to the specific language. Check the full list here. How to Learn Any Language , popular forum on language learning, which archives a lot of useful information, however new activity is rather rare there as the community moved to a new site for technical reasons a few years ago Language Learners forum , is where the HTLAL community moved to, a very active site with lots of serious learners.

They want to rescue the nuggets of information that have been drowned in the flood of threads. The wiki contains pages on the methods, techniques, courses, problems and solutions that have been mentioned on the forum, distilling the best bits into a format that is more easily usable by everyone. Forvo , to have any word in any language pronounced by native speakers.

Unilang , check their section on resources, stories, to start reading free bilingual texts. You can also find native speakers to practice with in informal exchanges and also has several social media tools. Hua , a mobile app that lets you chat in real-time with native speakers for free. Lang-8 , community where native speakers correct writings from learners.

Verbling , live language classes taught by native speakers. The Mixxer , it describes itself as "a free educational website for language exchanges via Skype". This community belongs to Rosetta Stone, but it's free to join and participate. You can audio and text chat with users that are shown right at that precise moment. InterPals , more an international community to "meet people" than a learning site, although it can be used for both activities. Similar to InterPals. A community linked to lang-8, where you can ask natives questions about their language and their traditions and culture.

Langademy , online language exchange social network similar to italki but where you can make video calls on the site. Teachers and tutors also can be found on the site. One of the biggest language exchange community where any language can be practiced. It's an app, they don't have a web version. Use at your own risk. Political Avenue Has books about a variety of languages but browse and download at your own risk. Omniglot overview of various languages mostly focused on writing systems , has some good links. So you want to learn a language , links for language learners.

RhinoSpike , site where one can solicit native speakers to read texts aloud for you.

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Free Audio Books by Language , Many free audio books in many languages. WikiBooks books for learning different languages. The Abkhazian language site - Mostly basic phrases and songs. Learn Abkhaz - Alphabet and animals and food vocab with audio. EasyAfrikaans - Another online Afrikaans course. Book2 - Phrasebook course with audio. Wikibooks - Section on Afrikaans. Unilang - Die Kursus - Introductory course to Afrikaans. Learn to Speak Afrikaans - One of a series of videos on Afrikaans. Memrise Beginner Afrikaans for Humans. YouTube LearnAfrikaans vocab, pronunciation. Grammar of Afrikaans [PDF].

Digital Dialects - Games to learn vocab. Akan Language Home Page - Course with exercises. Fante Handbook for Beginners - 11 short lessons. Peace Corps Fante. Asante Twi - Blog with a few posts. Asante Twi Lessons - 8 video lessons. Memrise Hacking Akan-Twi. Learn Albanian Language - Actual product costs money, but free grammar and vocab. Albanian Grammar [PDF].

Memrise Basic Albanian. YouTube LearnAlbanianOnline vocab , violagj grammar. Albanian language basics. Albanian Links. Introduction to Atkan Aleut Grammar and Lexicon - Basic grammar guide requires font that can be downloaded here , restart browser to complete.

How to Learn Swedish: 37 Lessons from My 6 Months Living in Sweden

Free, with optional subscription to remove adds and communicate with other students. Lifeprint - Beginning ASL lessons, 30 lessons corresponding to two college semesters. Lots of video and tutoring. Free, with paid subscription option for additional tools and courses. Vicar's Fingerspelling Practice Site - A tool to test comprehension of fingerspelling, from the creator of Lifeprint.

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ASL Pro - Dictionaries and other resources. Intended for teachers, but may be of use to independent students. As many of these resources will tell you, computer-based instruction can only go so far due to ASL's visual and gestural nature. Subtle changes such as a facial expression or the angle of one's hand can change the inflection with which a word is signed.

As with any other language, find a conversation partner and get live practice as early and as often as you can. AmharicTeacher - Vocab lists with audio. Memrise Amharic Abugida alphabet. Lexicity - Resources for a whole bunch of ancient languages. Textkit - Textbooks, grammars, readers and more for studying Ancient Greek and Latin. Language Transfer: Introduction to Arabic - All-audio course. Arabic-Studio - Basic alphabet and grammar courses.

Madinah Arabic - 2 Courses. Learning Arabic - Articles with guides, resources and more from al-Jazeera. Arabic Genie - Page on Arabic letters. Podpedia - Arabic podcasts. Learn Arabic Online - Advanced Arabic grammar. Arabic Desert Sky - Vocab and grammar also for Egyptian. Oman Pocket Guide - Basic vocab with audio. Internet Polyglot - Vocab games. Alrashid Mall - List of basic words transliterated. Microsoft Maren - For transliteration. Free Arabic Dictionary - Dictionary. News Al-Bab.

Lisaan Masry - Basic grammar guide. Radio Radio Hits Lebanese-Arabic - 9 short lessons videos private. Hiba Najem [YouTube] - Lessons. SpeakDziri - Alphabet guide, grammar, phrases and vocab transliterated. Radio Radio el-Bahdja local music. Learn Assyrian - Lengthy page on alphabet. Hayeren - Interactive program for alphabet. Depi Hayk - A free part tutorial on basic Armenian conversation.

Armenian Virtual College - Course via sign up. Armeniapedia - Grammar lessons.

good latin books?

Memrise Armenian Alphabet. Nayiri - Dictionary. Radio LavRadio local pop , Radio Hay local pop. Memrise Basic Asturian. News Asturies , Asturnews. Radio Radio Sele. Aymara on the Internet - Interactive practical course. Radio Radio San Gabriel talk. UniLang - List of resources. Colloquial Azerbaijani [PDF]. Speak Azerbaijani - Blog on learning. Azerbaijani Tales - Collection of stories.

Memrise Basic Azeri. Radio AzTV talk, music. Learn Bambara - 3 in-depth intro videos. I Kinda Like Languages - 5 short lessons. Morris Student Plus - Dictionary. Radio Euskadi Irratia , Radio Euskari. FSI Serbo-Croatian. Memrise Simple Bosnian. Gratis Global - Comprehensive list of free resources. Basic Croatian - A collection of lessons on grammar, vocab, colloquial use, dialects and more.

Taktika Nova - Dictionary. Memrise Basic Croatian. Serbian Lesson - Lessons on grammar and vocab. Visit Montenegro - Vocab and grammar. Radio Index Radio intl. Fundamentals of Modern Belarusian - Grammar guide. Memrise Belarusian Radio Radio Brest intl.

VocApp Belarusian basics. Jaspell - Short course transliteration. Radio Radio Aamar local and intl. YouTube Enchantress lessons. Memrise Basic Tamazight. A book for learning in Spanish. Pidginise Your English! UniLang - Brief introduction.

Latin Language: How & Why to Learn It

Wikiversity - Introduction. Kervaker - 19 lessons. Breton Grammar [PDF, scanned]. Radio Radio Breizh group of stations. TV France 3 Bretagne live broadcast location-restricted, segments. Breton and other Celtic langs on Discord. Bulgarian Grammar Drills - Practise grammar. TV Live TV7 audio and video not in sync. Burmese Script Animations - How to write letters warning: audio when letter is clicked. Padauk - Font to render Burmese script restart browser once installed to render. Radio Mandalay FM local pop, talk, window mid-page. SpeakCat - Interactive course for beginners.

Glossika - Catalan course is free. Memrise Basic Catalan. Duolingo - Learn Catalan from Spanish. Cultura - Audio mp3s and transcripts. Radio CCMA group of radio stations. VocApp Catalan basics. Many Books - Public domain books. English-Bisaya Grammar - Page with grammar and vocab. Language Links - Basic phrases. The Cebuano Corner - Basic grammar. Memrise Cebuano Words. Radio Aksyon Radyo intl. CultureV - Basic grammar, flashcards and more. Cherokee Language Classes - Materials from a university course. YouTube Tsasuyeda vocab. Chichewa Dictionary - Dictionary.

Radio Zodiak Broadcasting Station. Video Chichewa YouTube, playlist of lessons. Chinese Lessons - Basic lessons, grammar and vocab. HK - Mp3s with transcripts in the sidebar. Storybooks Canada - Graded level children's stories. Cantonese Classroom - Vocab and grammar. Chinese Character Dictionary - Look up characters. Memrise A Lesson Cantonese with audio. News rthk , Radio Free Asia. Radio rthk. Other Resources. Koohii thread with more resources. Rutgers - 35 lessons with dialogues. Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online - 16 short units. Sinosplice - A whole bunch of resources.

Chinese Outpost - Introduction. LearnWithOliver , a flashcard program with various exercises, games and texts for various languages. Coursera - Learn Chinese for free from top universities online. ChineseSkill , a Duolingo-inspired app for Mandarin. Includes grammar notes and character construction. YouTube Yangyang Cheng practical. Chinese Grammar Wiki , a comprehensive and organized resource for learning Chinese grammar.

Chinese Grammar - Articles, mainly regarding use of specific words. Pitch Perfect Pinyin - Interactive pronunciation guide. Chinese Tools - What I love about this site is the pinyin to character tool. Social Mandarin , site for sharing Mandarin resources and blog posts. Hacking Chinese - Blog about how to learn Chinese. News PopUp Chinese news with pinyin and English pop-ups. Radio Baidu radio PRC stations. Reviewing the Hanzi , site for reviewing Hanzi using the Heisig method remembering characters with a short story.

Teach Yourself Mandarin Blog. Choctaw Nation - Introduction and basics. Grammar of the Choctaw Language - Solid summary of grammar. Book2 Adyghe - Phrasebook course with audio. Radio Free Europe - Audio clips. SaySomethingIn Cornish - beginner course. Cornish and other Celtic langs on Discord. Cree: Language of the Plains. East Cree. Languagegeek - Fonts to download.

Memrise Basic Czech. YouTube CZbehindthemountain practical, vocab. Pimsleur Danish Duolingo's Danish course. NetDansk - Two interactive courses. Copenhagencast - podcast of audio lessons, PDF notes available by free subscription. Memrise Most Common Danish Words.

Radio DR group of stations. Duolingo's Dutch course. Say Something In Dutch - Beginner course. Introduction to Dutch - Beginner course. Includes Anki deck with audio. Verbuga - Practise conjugating verbs. Radio NPO group of stations , Radio top 40, pop. But if you're trying to understand the language and comprehend it to the best of your abilities, I'd find another book instead. Nov 19, Andrew rated it liked it. What I learned from this book, Latin. I thought this book of the Teach Yourself series requires a little more rote memorization than other books in the set do, and wouldn't be too distinct from other Latin guide books.

Still, Teach Yourself is a great series, I'm a huge fan of their language instruction books and CDs and would very much recommend this books to a would-be learner. Jul 30, Meg rated it really liked it. Another one of those modern paperbacks that just doesn't stand up to long usage. The glue started to fail and the pages began to fall out after a few months. My copy now looks ridiculous from having the first 40 pages held together by sticky tape!

Like TY Ancient Greek, no vocabulary after the first few chapters ch 9 necessitating me to make my own vocabulary list. Better, on the whole, than the Greek book, from the numbering of lines next to translation passages, to the grammar tables at the back. It might have been nice to add a little English to Latin translation for flexibility of learning, like the Athenaze course, but a decent book, apart from paperback resilience issues.

I did do 3 years of Latin at school, 35 years ago, so this is a handy refresher.

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Did I say 40 pages held together with tape? I should have said 80! While I appreciate the Roman trivia between lessons, there was not enough of it. Betts' stated intention is to avoid teacher-constructed sentence practice, so readers can move directly to classical poetry. I think we little men need to begin with prose such as that of Cicero and learn proper word order before moving on to poetry. Each lesson is short and easy to dash over. But this is a basic book and Mr. Betts only has so much space. That should fill in the blanks. Jan 07, Andrew rated it liked it.

It helped refresh my, very limited Latin, but I just wish there were more to read to help you keep the knowledge. A fairly comprehensive autodidact's guide to the Latin language. Vujeva Gabi, 2nd of her name, queen of flannels, champion of really long names, I will always and forever the longest name on Goodreads that has ever existed rated it liked it Sep 19, Tony Fortner rated it it was ok Oct 26, Erica Michaelson rated it it was amazing Aug 31, Paraph rated it really liked it Apr 16, Ryan Karcher rated it liked it Sep 25,